Our Rating Program

We offer a unique program to encourage good and responsible driving and also reward our customers for doing so !

We have a rating system which awards a "Good Driving Rating" to you after every trip. How does it work ?

After every trip we check a few things: Vehicle damage, Fuel level & Late arrival. Depending on the situation, there might be some deduction or none at all. This deduction is taken as a proxy of your driving profile: Are you a responsible and safe driver ?

On a scale of 0 - 5, 5 being best, we award you a rating depending on the deposit deduction. If your average rating is between 4 - 5, you get an automatic discount, between 2 - 4 no change but between 0 -2 you will need to pay a higher deposit since your risk is perceived to be higher.

Of course we are not making a judgment call on your driving skills, we are just rewarding people who are careful with our vehicles which implies safe driving and who respect our terms & conditions.

We would like all our customers to maintain a high good driving rating and enjoy more discounts !