General Terms & Conditions

  1. ZipCaars (a unit of Zip Cabs Private Limited) does not take any responsibility for the conduct and actions of the driver of the rented car
  2. The person booking the vehicle needs to be present with original ID proof during vehicle delivery
  3. Smoking & Drinking is strictly prohibited in the vehicle. Any violations will be fined min. Rs.2000
  4. Any extension will be billed at 20% higher daily rate
  5. A fine will be imposed for any deviation from the declared destination without prior information
  6. When crossing a state boundary, the customer is obliged to pay the relevant road tax and get a receipt
  7. If receipt is not furnished, 2 times the amount of road tax will be deducted from the deposit
  8. All deposits are 100% refundable (subject to relevant deductions) and will be refunded in 7 working days maximum
  9. Cash deposits will be refunded in cash immediately on return
  10. Deposits paid online or by debit/credit card will be returned after deducting 1.5% bank charges
  11. Fuel: Customer will return the vehicle with the same level of fuel as given
  12. If diesel is less, the ZipCaars agent will assess the top up needed as per prevailing fuel prices. This amount will be deducted from the deposit
  13. The customer will verify and sign the on-delivery inspection report. The vehicle condition and accessories will be evaluated against this report on return
  14. As a thumb rule, any prominent scratch or dent will be billed at minimum Rs.2000 and deducted from deposit
  15. In case of greater damage, ZipCaars reserves the right to get the vehicle repaired either locally or under insurance at an authorized garage and charge to the customer
  16. The customer has to get the vehicle to our main hub either on its own power or by towing for insurance claim to be processed
  17. If the insurance liability amount is greater than the deposit, ZipCaars will raise an invoice for the balance amount in the customer’s name. This is payable within 3 days
  18. The customer is solely accountable for any issues arising out of his/her driving habits. All fines and penalties will be paid by customer
  19. The customer will pay all tolls, permits, parking and fuel expenses
  20. There will be an additional charge for every hour of delay beyond the scheduled return day/time
  21. In case of vehicle breakdown, customer will call our technical support and follow instructions
  22. In case a replacement vehicle has to be sent, it will sent ONLY to or near the point of break down. The customer has to follow instructions and stay at the point of breakdown till the replacement vehicle arrives. If customer wants the replacement vehicle to be delivered at their final destination, same can be done against reimbursement of fuel and driver cost
  23. Under no circumstances should the customer try and push start the vehicle. This can cause permanent damage to a diesel vehicle
  24. Please send your bank account details with IFSC code to after your trip over for refunds to be processed