How it Works?

  1. Renting a self drive car from us is very simple
  2. Select "Sign Up" and create your profile. This will enable you to win loyalty points (ZipMiles) and get great discounts
  3. Creating and completing your profile will also eliminate the hassle of providing documentation to us each time you book
  4. You can choose not to create a profile and simply start the booking process
  5. Select “Online” or “Phone” option. Remember with the phone option, you cannot use your ZipMiles or Promo Codes
  6. If booking online, simply follow the instructions on the screen as your booking progresses. Pay and confirm your booking
  7. If booking by phone, just give our agent the necessary details, pay online by using a payment link which will be sent to you, and that’s it !
  8. After you come back, depending on vehicle damage (if at all), late arrival, fuel level, your deposit will be adjusted and balance returned to you within 48 hrs
  9. That’s all ….. its as simple as that ! Come … give us a chance to “move” you


1. ZipMiles: After every trip is over and your account settled, we calculate ZipMiles which is our appreciation of your loyalty to our service. These miles can be redeemed to pay rental for your next booking. The computation of ZipMiles is based on your net rental and deduction from your deposit. ZipMiles are valid for 6 months from date of journey.

2. Good Driving Rating: We encourage good, safe driving and give you incentives to drive safely. This rating is calculated based on how much your deposit has been deducted after every trip. The scale is from 0 - 5, 5 being the best rating.

How does it work ?

If your average rating is between 4 - 5, you get an additional 10℅ discount on the rental amount, between 2 - 4 you get normal prices and discounts, between 0 - 2 you need to pay an additional deposit of 20℅ since you are being perceived as a risky driver. Of course all deposits are refundable.

If you get stuck with a low rating, you can always improve in subsequent bookings by avoiding any deductions to your deposit.