Cancellation & Refund Policies

Voluntary Cancellations
  1. A booking can be cancelled by contacting customer care and requesting a cancellation OR by logging on to the ZipCaars portal.
  2. In case of cancellations prior to 3 days of pickup time, a cancellation fee of 2% of amount paid will be charged
  3. For cancellations made within 3 days of pick-up time, user will be charged one day rental of the vehicle booked. The refund will be credited to the user's account in maximum 10 working days
  4. In case a user fails to show up for his reservation or cancels the ride 6 hours before the pickup time, the booking shall be treated as a No Show and 100% of rental paid will be forfeited. Deposit if paid will be refunded
Involuntary Cancellations
  1. In case a customer is unable to produce a valid driving license and ID proof during vehicle delivery, the ride will be cancelled and 100% of the rental paid will be forfeited. Deposit if paid will be refunded.
  2. In case, during vehicle delivery the customer is found to be in an inebriated condition or otherwise physically or mentally impaired, the booking will be treated as No Show and rule 1.c will be applied
  3. If during vehicle delivery, the customer does not agree to the terms & conditions of ZipCaars and/or behaves aggressively with the delivery team, the ride will be considered cancelled and rule 1.c will be applied
  4. If at any point during the ride, ZipCaars comes across information which potentially puts the rented vehicle at risk (like unrest, riots, police action in the area of the vehicle) or driver/group antecedents (criminal record, record of illegal activities), ZipCaars reserves the right to terminate the ride, recover the vehicle and forfeit the rental paid. This amount however can be negotiated depending on the situation